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The Ultimate Tour

World1Tours means exactly that – the world in 1st class style. We have a vision to be the first luxury sleeper coach to do a 5 year tour around the world in opulence (guest can join in on any leg of the tour). This is the only sleeper coach of its kind traveling around the world. We're the first – #1. This has been a dream of the owner of our company. The owner, an Irish born immigrant, has traveled extensively and now wants other people to share in his dream of luxury travel around the world. The owner has challenged everyone to give the same comfort and style of travel for a better price. We're sure there are no contenders. You don't have to be rich to travel in style. Come and join us we'll show you how it's done. We plan to start the world tour in 2010. Until then we will be touring Central America, Mexico, US west, Canada, and Alaska.