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So Much to Enjoy!

This living planet of ours is an awesome and wonderful place – that is the working theme for us at World1Tours.  Hence we are especially interested in designing tours that renew an admiration for what this marvelous globe has to offer.  Of course, the earth itself has its natural splendor, but there is also profound beauty inherent within the huge assortment of cultures to explore and appreciate.  Yet both the special qualities & characteristics of a people and their land require adequate time to really enjoy. Our tour coach is perfect for making this possible.  Just linger as long as you want;  and never worry about returning for hotels, food, phones or a bath before it’s too late, since everything you need is already on board.

At World1Tours your goals are our goals, and we’re throughly conscious of how precious your vacation time is.  Therefore we put a lot of attention into making the best out of very moment of your tour.  If we are not traveling over night to the next destination we can put you up in one of the best available hotels or you’re always welcome to stay on board if you prefer.  There is also something about having the best drinks, refreshments, munchies, and food available any time that really adds to a great vacation and the overall enjoyment of an extended excursion.

Our tour coach also has ample room to conveniently carry your luggage and most any items you’re likely to buy. In addition to food and drink – hot water, air conditioning, videos, electric, and an extensive selection of music are always available.