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The principle factor determining what you will get out of any vacation always lies within yourself, of course. That is your openness and ability to see positive possibilities along with the enthusiasm you bring to the opportunities made available to you. However, it sure helps to minimize the time lost finding and dealing with transportation, hotels, restaurants, and shopping. It is also nicer when you can feel confident and secure in your travels. This is what World1Tours understands best and specializes in – maximizing the quality time your have available to enjoy your vacation safely and without hassles.


One key lies in the careful study and preparation of all our tours. More importantly, however, a personable and professional tour operator is essential. Any bus driver will get you from point A to point B, but what you really need is a competent operator who really enjoys what he is doing and not only can handle any situation with the locals, but also speaks fluent English and is dedicated to seeing that every guest is well taken care of. Inattentive tour operator do not work for us. Boredom is unlikely as our drivers have extensively traveled all over Central America and Mexico and will take you places that are off the beaten path – places that you could only dream of from lush mountain villages to secluded beaches, so noone should lack for exciting and constructive activities.

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