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Welcome to Network Valle de Angeles Home Page -

Network Valle de Angeles Promotes Talent
in Central America by providing free WEB pages to qualified
particpants who believe strongly in thier vision/cause, services or quality work.


General Catagory Descriptions Follow:

Service:   If not better covered below, services could include anything from escorts, to pest control, to armed security, to manufacturing.

Transport:  This category includes tourism, vehicle sales & service, buses, limousines, taxies, horses, aircraft, boats, etc.

S & T:  This stands for “Science & Technology”, and encompasses computers, Internet, quality audio visual recording, industrial automation, scientific theory, etc.

Eating:   All types of food stuff is here;  farms & production – distribution – markets & sales – restaurants.

Shop:   Unless covered better in another category, look here for vendors of any kind here – particularly craft shops and sales of locally made products.

Help:   Missions, clinics, information services, churches, outreach efforts and such are all available under this heading.

Art:   The expression of self.  Photography, music, poems, paintings, plays & theater, crafts, dance.