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World Tours Mexico Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala Tour Itinerary -

Mexico Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala Itinerary

Cancun, Mexico: our starting point, it offers lovely beaches, fine restaurants, lively nightlife, shopping and plenty of side trips.  It is a very popular destination.

dramatic ruins of a Mayan fortress city overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

magnificent pyramids, temples and shrines pay homage to a great former Mayan city.

impressively well-preserved Mayan ruins at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains, cradled in a dense jungle.

San Cristobal De Las Casas:
A beautiful colonial city in the Chiapas mountains, with narrow streets and Spanish-style buildings, it is a national historic monument.

Tikal, Guatemala:
spectacular Mayan ruins that rise out of the jungle.  Amazing temples break through the jungle canopy to offer beautiful views, while howler monkeys and a multitude of birds offer a background concert.

one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central America, it is surrounded by three volcanoes, offering spectacular views.  It is a very well-preserved colonial town, with cobblestone streets, terracotta roofs, ruins and a charm all its own.

located in the highlands, this quaint town of narrow cobblestone streets is most famous for its large Thursday and Sunday indigenous markets, and is also known for its pre-Christian beliefs and rites.

Lake Atitlan:
also in the highlands, this beautiful lake is formed from a collapsed volcanic cone.  It is surrounded by charming towns and verdant hills, while three volcanoes stand sentinel to the south.

Copan, Honduras:
beautiful Mayan ruins offering numerous well-preserved structures. It is just 12 kilometers from the Guatemalan border.  The nearby town of Copan is charming and peaceful.

Guatemala City:
our ending point, it is Guatemala's capital and the largest city in Central America.  It offers all the conveniences of an urban metropolis, as well as the main cathedral and central plaza, parks, markets, shopping districts and fine restaurants.


28 day tour,  US$ 2,800 per person, includes:

  • on board continental style breakfast
  • travel and sleep on the bus
  • some 3-star hotel stays are also included