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The Honored Challenge

Whether you are the supreme authority of a state or nation, the executive president of a multinational corporation, a world renowned religious leader, celebrated rock star, a congressional candidate, or even a secretary in your organization’s entertainment committee; you have certainly experienced the “Honored Challenge” —

How can one best entertain deserving guests?

The essence of statesmanship begins here. It really does not matter if your visitor is a seasoned dignitary or a modest scientific genius. Nor does it matter if you are representing yourself, the United Nations, or a new enterprise. Furthermore, the agenda may be world piece or marketing strategies – your prime objective is still the same:  accommodation of your guest in a manner befitting their esteemed status. As the diplomatic representative for your cause, any success you enjoy as a gracious host will necessarily improve productivity and promote stable long-term relations.

The crucial elements to hosting a positively memorable experience are straight forward. Convenience, privacy and safety constitute the basic essentials. Nevertheless, this covers only your minimal responsibilities. To make for an exceptional engagement the artful blending of pleasure with business is typically required. A natural and potentially immensely rewarding option is a well organized tour highlighting special points of interest. This is often especially appropriate for guests unfamiliar with local attractions. However your basic criteria of convenience, privacy and safety can become an issue. This is where the services of World1Tours can often resolve your most demanding needs even if you only need first class trips from the airport.

When it comes to secure, relaxed on the road travel needs, you cannot beat our fully equipped luxury Prevost sleeper coaches. We’re talking leather sofas, conference tables, king size refrigerator, full bar, kitchenette, three bathrooms, an optional hostess, and even sleeping quarters. Nothing minimizes the inconveniences of tedious traffic more because there is no need to wait before convening a meeting or commencing a dinner. In fact, in various instances the conducive environment provided by our tour coaches is actually preferred to the corporate meeting room. Subsequently it is likely that our services will represent a delightfully unique experience for even well traveled delegates. Moreover, in preparation for a flawless trip we will be asking in advance if there are any particular items, foods, or security articles that should be included onboard. We are well versed in defense procedures and it can be advantageous for protection personnel to accompany the coach in an unmarked vehicle. Comfort, style and safety from pick-up all the way through to the final destination – that’s our goal.


Full Service 12 hour day: $999

Around the clock 24 hour survice: $1500

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