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A word of explanation about these WEB Pages -

Thank you for visiting us here at World1Tours.

Hi, I’m Zack Clark, photographer and WEB author for World1Tours. Allow me to take this opportunity to explain a little about the World1Tours WEB site and others made available here for your enjoyment.

First, I use almost no development aids or programs in writing these pages. Instead I basically work directly with the HTML code. Complexity is minimal and no JAVA code is used, so hopefully the pages will work well on almost any browser with basic capabilities. All my WEB pages should save fast and correctly with no problems. None of my graphics are cut up to make it difficult for you to capture or reuse them.

Second, I prefer clean and uncluttered WEB pages. Most of the photos you see on a page can be clicked to get a larger version of the same photo or to branch to another location/page. Just pass your cursor over the graphic and wait a bit to see the explanation that pops up under your cursor (most browsers also change your cursor into a finger when you’re over a link). A gray border around a photo was special significance in the World1Tours and Welmami Gallery WEB sites. In the World1Tours site it signifies a gallery of photos on the same topic or if found inside a gallery it indicates a full resolution version of the same photo. In the Welmami Gallery WEB site every photo of a painting takes you to new gallery, and every photo in a any gallery has an enlarged version along with a description. However, when you see the gray border, this again indicates that a still larger full resolution version also exists with another click. Concerning the full resolution pictures; in the World1Tours and Honduras Primero galleries; both will show the full resolution photo right on your screen. In the World1Tours galleries you can just click on the photo to return to the previous page. In the Honduras Primero gallery you need to click the back button on your browser or press alt-left_arrow, etc. This gallery was many composite images. Clicking on an individual component gives you an enlarged single photo while clicking on the far upper left corner renders a large full resolution version of the entire composite image. On most browsers, the Welmami Gallery WEB site works exactly the same way as the Honduras Primero galleries. A notable exception is the latter versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, this browser gives you the option to “Open”, “Save”, or “Cancel” the full resolution photo files.

Third: You are welcome to use my photos in most any dignified manner you choose. I only require that you give me – Zack Clark – the photo credit. Also, if you post any photo on a WEB site, please email the URL to me from our message page here – thank you.