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Fun Photos at Luna Negra Discoteca! -


Disco, Swimming Pool, 3 Bars, Game Room, & Prizes

from Dominic P. Mooney

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  Tuesday - June 14, 2005                                                     Supporters of Honduras Primero 
  World1Tours: Time Freedom & Fun 
Your specialist for world class sleeper coach adventures from Alaska to Panama!

SUBJECT:  Special 4 Day July 4th Liberty Weekend!

Greetings Patriots of the U.S.A.,

If you thought little was happening in Honduras the 4th of July, you were right – with one big exception.   World1Tours is supporting HonduYate with a major celebration of this important milestone holiday.

So now you can look forward to:
  A Huge Nightly Bonfire Festival
  All you can eat BBQ throughout the day
  A Whole Array of Great Day Activities
  Free Beer Party Starting every Midnight

Socializers & Dancers are sure to enjoy:
  Ski Bar & Champas – Pool Party – Big Sound Music
  Special July 4th Drinks – the Cool Breeze Pier Gazebo
  A Sunset Tour on Hercules, our lake cruising party patio

Action Activities include:
  Day Tours to major attractions as far as Tela
  Sport & Leisure Boating
  Skiing Contests

HonduYate lodging guest enjoy free swimming pool privileges!
For room reservations call 990-9387/6

Yours in celebration,

Dominic P. Mooney